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Why Are Collective Beliefs Important for Soul Work?


Because we all want to feel like we belong. 

We desire someone who understands who we are at our core and respects the journey into the soul. Because everyone who journeys into the soul doesn’t always successfully make it back to their self and ego. They become vacant. Empty containers of potential.

Back in the ’90s, talking with demons meant there was something wrong with you. Talking with God and other spirits was fine, “If you believed in that sort of thing.” But when you talked with the demons in the underworld, people thought you were strange or mentally ill or both. 

But then you learned people mask their demonic relationships with fiction. Sparking the realization that you’re not the only one who believes in the spiritual and has talked with the Devil. 

Except, I didn’t get to make up characters. I got the archaic Greek myths, the Divine, and the stories are somewhat different than the books written about them centuries ago. 

Which also means the spiritual realm is true. It’s not just your imagination. Even though that’s where the conversations take place. 

But, who are the archaic Greek myths?

We are briefly told about Chaos, Tartarus, and Nyx before being introduced to the Olympians. We gain a better understanding of the Primordial Deities in Hesiod’s Theogony by learning that the majority of archaic myths are the emotions and complexes thrown down from the light that helped create the emotional fabric we are all cut from. We also learn that Chaos is the beginning of the universe; Tartarus is the God of Evil and the place where evil resides, and Nyx is the Goddess of Night and the Mother of All Emotion. 

If we believe that the spiritual and physical plane lives in parallel, influence each other, and evolve together then it is natural to wonder how have the myths evolved? What are their stories now? The questions are for all myths, religions, and spirituality. Each a body of collective beliefs and systems.

Collective beliefs are a belief or belief system that is shared amongst many; from both a shared and individual perspective. 

I agree with the collective believe that Chaos, Tartarus, Nyx, Erebus, Nemesis, and Moros are evil. Except I don’t believe Chaos, Tartarus, Nyx, and Erebus started out that way. I believe evil didn’t reign until God nearly severed the thread of creativity that connects Him to Chaos (Ego + Soul) and the Divine Trinity with Shiva. 

I believe:

God = Ego Chaos = Soul Shiva = Body You = Self/Mind

Evil (immoral/unethical) behavior is the result of not knowing your Soul, Body, Ego, and Self.

All layers of evil are the result of unhealed emotional trauma. A trauma rooted in the underworld. 

The underworld is where the light was birthed. Remember that when you become overwhelmed by darkness. Remind yourself: The light was born here. I am the light. 

The underworld is the beginning and end of the Collective Unconscious. 

Many spiritual and religious belief systems have a vastly unexplored underworld. Perpetuating the belief that the underworld should be feared and avoided. 

To journey into the collective unconscious means to journey into the soul. Your personal unconscious is the first layer of your soul. Your soul’s unconscious is the second layer, and the collective unconscious is the third and final layer of the soul. 

The personal unconscious is sometimes talked about as the subconscious; the part of the mind that is easily accessible by the conscious and has the closest relationship with the ego/God. 

The personal unconscious connects with the ego and the soul. Creating a path for friendship. 

When you share a belief or a belief system with someone, you connect and perhaps feel like you belong. Satisfying our innate desire to belong.

Word meanings are a collective belief system that allows us to communicate verbally on the physical plane. Emotion is a body of collective beliefs that allows us to communicate non-verbally throughout the physical and spiritual plane. In Eastern Body, Western Mind, by Anodea Judith, she makes clear that,

  • Energy in motion is e-motion
  • Emotions are universal.
  • Emotions are the energy of the universe. 

Emotions are the building blocks of all that exists and we are taught to fear them! 

I call bullshit.

The emotions the light created when it separated from the underworld created the cycles of hate, anger, and betrayal.

Cycles we repeat in our physical life until we consciously break the cycle within the unconscious. 

Emotions are deflected, projected, and reflected back on to ourselves and into the underworld. Instead of being taught how to be with our emotions, we’re told to talk to God; the ego. Widening the divide between the soul and the ego: Chaos and God. 

We know from psychology that depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are a result of feeling stuck or scared and wanting to change their reality.


With what started centuries ago, how have the myths evolved with humanity?

How has humanity evolved the myths?

I feel that many modern scholars were so focused on translating archaic documents about alchemy and mythology to forge the significance of psychology and the soul, that they forgot to evolve the story of the myths. The stories recovered are only a snapshot of their existence. 

Another collective belief is that the underworld is the place for spiritual rebirth. A place you typically go when you’re traumatized. Making it scarier than it needs to be.

Which is why learning your soul makes coping and healing from trauma and life easier. Because you know your emotions. You talk to them. You yell at them. You say to them what you would never say to anyone else. And then, you work through all the emotions the experience evoked to learn and grow from them. 

The underworld is the birthplace of all emotion making it where we learn about the emotion and emotional complex, and learn where and how it connects within us.

Spiritual journeys begin and end in the underworld. 

When you fail to complete the cycle of dark and light, you tend to feel stuck. Being stuck in either the soul or the ego isn’t good for the self/mind. 

Why Are Collective Beliefs Important for Soul Work? 

Because a collective belief connects you with others and others to you; even when you feel alone and lost in your mind. You’re not alone and there is always someone there to listen (1-800-273-8255).

Your soul is the core of who you are and is most often ignored. In the story of the Two Wolves (listen to the Lecture + Exercise HERE), ignoring your black wolf makes it evil and vicious. Using that same line of thinking, when you ignore your soul, your unconscious makes you a victim of life and circumstance. 

Even though you walk alone, you’re not entirely alone on your journey into your soul and the collective unconscious. You have spiritualists who are successful in their soul journey and the collective beliefs of spirituality, mythology, and religion to help guide and teach you. 

Plus, you’ll have a bottomless backpack of emotional, social and self-reflection skills to aid you on your journey when you sign up for updates.

The journey into the soul doesn’t have to be as scary as others have made it out to be. Sign up, connect, and until next time, keep learning who you are. 


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