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Unconditional Love Is NOT the Answer


Unconditional love is not the answer to solving the world’s problem. I don’t believe straight up love is the answer either. In fact, I believe loving everyone unconditionally is part of the emotional problem plaguing society.

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Hey, I’m Geri, founder of Greed & Generosity ~ The Dark Side of Light Work and today I want to share with you some of what I’ve learned about love and why I believe love is causing more harm than good in the world.

What is Love?

First, let me talk about your basic straight up love.

Google defines love as is an intense feeling of deep affection.

So, love is intense and deep.


Now, does the person scanning my groceries warrant the intensity and depth of my love? Or the love of anyone else in line?


What the person gets from me is courtesy.

Love is special and is given to people who you deem worthy of having it. Because love is intense and deep which requires a lot of energy to fulfill. I don’t want to give that level of energy to the person who is scanning my groceries. I want to give that energy to my daughter because I believe she is worth it. Plus, how I express my love would be inappropriate for the grocery store. I’m not going to hug every person I see and ask them how their day is going and if they learned anything today.

But when I read that love is the answer to the world’s problems and that all we need to do is love. I feel sick inside because people are taking what is special and making it general.

Love is special. Caring is general.

Now, you may think that I am blowing this whole love thing out of proportion, but I don’t think so because so many people in society are allowing others to treat them poorly because they have loving hearts and believe that deep down everyone else has one too.

Not true. There are heartless people in the world who have no inclination to love anyone else but themselves. And the love they have for themselves is rooted in putting others down to lift themselves up. But if you’re a believer that love will solve the world’s problems, then you’ll keep giving your love to the heartless in the hopes that they’ll change.

What happens is that the heartless become stronger and the hearted become weaker because the heartless take your love and use it to put you down.

Love is not the answer. Love is special, and love is earned.

Instead of love, have care.   

Care is feeling concerned or having an interest. Care is general and is a low-level emotion. Love grows out of care.

It’s my care for humanity that prompted me to train for and volunteer to do crisis and suicide intervention at my local call center.

It’s my care for humanity that has me continuously learning about human behavior and emotions.

Even though I don’t love all people. I’m interested in people and concerned for their emotional health. Because people affect me and the people I love.  

Unconditional Love

Now, I’m reading that unconditional love is needed to solve the world’s emotional problems.

No. Absolutely not.

Unconditional love is the gateway to being taken advantage of.

Because conditions are boundaries and we all need them to protect ourselves from the heartless.

If you love someone unconditionally then what are your standards? What is it that makes you feel love?

Freely giving out your love unconditionally leads you to where?

How does loving everyone unconditionally make you a better person?

How do you grow?

How is your love replenished?

Now, do you love yourself unconditionally? Or have you set standards and expectations for yourself? If you’re not living up to your standards and expectations do you just love yourself more because love will have you living up to your standards and expectations? I doubt it because if that were the case then depression, anxiety, and substance abuse wouldn’t be the top three mental health issues plaguing society.

Be selective with who you love. Set conditions. And have care for the rest of society.

If you want to dig deeper click the hyperlink Unconditional Love Is NOT the Answer ~ Exercise Sheet to download and print your exercise sheet.

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