Greed & Generosity A Story & Guide into the Soul

Part 1: Post 7


Closing my eyes, I leaned against the wall imagining the feel of bark digging into my shoulder blades and the bark catching on my hair as I listened for the whispers of the spirits and demons flickering through the underworld. Relaxing deeper into my imagination I feel my mind’s eye-opening up into the underworld. Watching Chaos swirl above, I feel my legs relax, deepening my connection to Chaos. Letting thoughts of my day float through my mind I see threads of silver weaving through Chaos. Are those my thoughts? Letting the question float through my mind. Why do they always flicker? It’s like they’re just passing through. I wonder where they’re going. Hmpf, I wonder where they’re coming from. Recrossing my ankles.

“There’s nothing here.” Came a soft whisper from my right. “There’s nowhere to hide.”

“Hide from what?” Feeling my arms start to tingle. 

“The gods.” Said a husky voice from my left. 

The gods? “What will the gods do?” 

“Send us back,” said another.

Send you back? My heart pounding.

“Whaddya doin’?” Came a familiar voice near my right ear.

Nearly jumping out of my skin, I looked over my right shoulder into the black marble eyes of the unnamed demon. “You scared me half to death!”

“Well, at least you know where you’ll end up.” Taking a seat next to me. 

“You look awful.” Forgetting the spirits I was just talking to. 

“You’re not miserable enough.” 

“Ha! I had a good day today.” Relaxing into the conversation, “I spent the day around people who don’t know my family.” Smiling.

“I feel your happiness, ya know?” Annoyed,” That’s not what I found you for.”

“Then, what did you want to find me for?” Laying all the way down to look up at Chaos.

Ignoring what I said, “You never told me what you’re doing.” Laying down next to me.

“I’m doing what you told me.” Noticing his dark skin looked more green than black. “Listening.” Staring at his profile with his sharp nose and bottom pouty lip. He looked like a sad little boy in an adult sized body. “What’s your name?” Feeling his body sag at the question. 

Waiting so long I thought I dozed off, I blinked a few times until I saw him staring at me. “What?” 

Exasperated, he turned back to Chaos and disappeared. 

“Well, that was weird.” Talking to no one. Maybe, I did fall asleep … Stretching my arms above my head.

“That happens a lot here.” Said a pale blue light hovering a few feet above me. 

Quickly sitting, “What happens a lot?”

“Weird things.”

“Then … why are you here?” My heart hammering in my chest. 

“I don’t know. I don’t know where I am but I keep coming back to this place.” Starting to see her shape. “It’s so big … empty.” Her voice becoming a wispy. “I just wind up here.” 

Unsure of what to do or what to ask, I sat in silence trying to see more than her pale elongated blue light. After a few breaths, she faded away. Where did she go? Looking out to the open plain and finally back up to Chaos. “Where do the spirits go when they leave the underworld?” Hoping for but not expecting an answer, I settled back into myself, observing my thoughts. 

“Any luck?” asked the familiar demon.

“Yes.” Trying not to show my excitement.

“I can feel your excitement.” 

Looking over at him, “Ah! You look worse than before and it’s only been like, three minutes!” Leaning away, “What happened to you?”

Bowing his head as he sat next to me. “It doesn’t matter.” 

“Your skin looks like a raisin.” Unable to look away. “What does that to you?” How do you sit with a tail?

Chuckling, “I can hear your thoughts.” 

“Well … ” Rolling my eyes, “This entire conversation is technically in my thoughts.”

Looking at me curiously, “I guess it is for you.” Relaxing his arms over his knees. 

“You look like you’re being sucked dry and your eyes … your eyes are no longer green.” Not wanting to offend him. “Do you want to … “ I can’t believe I’m going to offer this, “Do you want some of my yuck?” Cringing at my own offer but wanting him to feel better.

“No.” Shaking his head as he turned his head back to vast open plain. “You’re in a good mood; it won’t work.” 

“I’m sure you could piss me off.” Nudging him. 

“It doesn’t work that way.” Keeping his eyes straight ahead.

“How does it work?”

“I don’t know how to explain it.” Stretching his legs out in front of him. “No one’s ever asked.” Looking over at me. 

Willing myself to look at him, “Your eyes are starting to lighten.” Blinking to make sure I was seeing right, “Last time they turned green was when you took that mustard colored energy from me.” Turning over the thought in my mind, “Do you become shriveled when you get good energy?”

Booming with laughter, “No, good energy doesn’t make me feel — I mean, look this way.” Stretching out his hands to look at them. 

“Then … “ Sighing, “I really don’t understand.” Looking up to Chaos. 

“He won’t help you.” Following my gaze. 

“He has before.” Shrugging off his comment. 

Snorting, “Right.” Looking back at me. 

“Believe what you want.” Looking at him without flinching. “Chaos, wants me to get better at listening to the spirits and demons here so I can meet the Devil and change this place.”

“You’re looney if you think you’re going to change this place. ******** won’t let you.” Shaking his head, “He won’t let anyone change the underworld.”

“Good thing I’m not just anyone.”

Gone without a word and too tired to be annoyed, I got up from my bed to stretch and check the time. Seeing it was late and I needed to shower, I headed upstairs feeling grateful that the house was quiet and everyone else was gone for the evening. 


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