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Part 1: Post 5


The air was so thick the leaves were fat with moisture creating deep shadows over the three-bedroom brick houses, lining the streets as I rode my bike to the library. That storm made everything worse. Coasting the last block to the library, I smiled at the flower pots and hanging baskets looking bright in the shadows. What did Destiny do to help me see and speak to that demon? I didn’t even touch him. Shuddering at the memory of his teeth and black marble eyes, I glided into the parking lot heading for the bike rack. I guess demons really do have tails. Not sure if it was funny or scary, I laughed softly to myself as I remembered his tail dragging behind him like an age announcement.

The cold air blasted me as I walked into the library. I love the smell of books. Smiling as I walked to return the books I borrowed a few days before. I headed to the romance section. I wish they had romance and mystery novels. Reading the backs of the books on the spinner rack. Feeling someone staring at me, I look up and see a gray-haired woman looking at me with a strange grin. Giving a polite smile in return, I look back to the books in front of me. Selecting a title to borrow, I glanced toward the woman as I walked to a different section. Feeling myself relax when I didn’t see her, I started scanning the covers in the racks around me. Why was she staring at me? … Weird. Gently shaking my head, I tried to focus on the synopsis of the title I picked up but, the words were blurring. Not now. Clenching my eyes shut. Not here. Sighing in resignation, I opened my eyes to put the book back on the rack when a wave of red caught my eye. Turning to see if it was real. I gasped at what I saw, causing the people around me to look up. Realizing that they weren’t seeing what I was seeing, I quickly followed the huge blonde with a flapping red cape into one of the aisles. Without turning around, he stopped and spoke over his shoulder.

“Follow me outside,” I feel him say.

Putting the book down on a random shelf, I follow the god-like vision outside. The heat blasted me like a wall and I started sweating immediately. I hate sweating for no reason. Looking around, I see a flash of red near the bike rack.

“Act like you’re unlocking your bike.”

Feeling weird and unable to see him, “Can we do this later? Let me get some books and I’ll go to the park. No one is there and we won’t be interrupted.” My shirt already sticking to me.

Feeling like he was staring at me with his hands on his hips, seriously debating what I just said. “Fine.”

Fine? He’s agreeing with me?  “What do I call you?”


“Wha — I don’t get what you said.”


Straining to figure out what he said, I turned my face toward the sky as the sun went behind a cloud, “Did you say, More?” Going with what popped into my head.

*****” he said impatiently. “I am the God of Destiny.”

{What he didn’t tell me was that he is also called the God of Doom.}

Surprised.“You’re Destiny?” You helped me yesterday but, … you don’t feel the same.” Vigorously rubbing the chill off my arms.

But he was gone. Shaking, I went back into the library without noticing the change in temperature and picked up the book I left behind. Finding a couple more to get me through the weekend, I checked out. Feeling like I had cotton in my head, I was barely able to make small talk with the librarian. Mumbling a good-bye, I headed outside.

Cursing myself for not bringing a bag, I get on my bike one-handed. Getting nervous about going to the park, I thought of my cold bedroom and the book I was going to read first. Turning into the park, I see young kids with their mom playing on the rockers. Trying to stop next to a large tree, I jerked causing the books to smash my chin before falling to the ground next to me. Annoyed and grateful that no one saw that, I picked the books up, brushing them off as I walked over to the tree to sit down. Wishing for water, I closed my eyes to relax. Feeling my shoulders relax against the tree, I call for Destiny. Waiting for the tingly feeling to spread through my body, I leaned my head against the tree trunk. This is what the underworld needs. A place where the demons and spirits can rest.

“You think so?” Came a gentle bass through my right side.   

Feeling my mind’s eye open as I looked through my lashes, I see a tall, broad-shouldered man with shoulder length blonde hair with pale blue eyes staring at me. Intimidating but manageable. “I do.” No longer feeling the oppressive heat. “You came.” Surprised that he followed through on what he said.

“Of course.” Easily sitting down next to me.

“Not many people do,” I said uneasily. Hiding my amazement at how easily he moved for being so big.

Chuckling, “I’m not a person.”

“I know that,” feeling my cheeks get hot. “I just meant, doing what you say, isn’t a habit for most.”

“Has that been your experience here?” Stretching out his thick legs covered in black leather.

I watch him cross his ankles and notice he’s wearing black soft leather laceless boots. “No.” Shaking my head, “Not here. But, with people? Absolutely.” Shrugging. “I guess I’m used to talking to people.” Grinning at what I just said.  

After a long pause, Destiny said, “We’re not people but, we do have the same feelings.” Furrowing his brow, as he searched my face. “There are some who mess with your emotions because it’s fun. They like to see what it’ll do to the person their influencing.”

“How will I know?” Heaviness sliding over me.

“You’ll have to ask and pay attention to how you feel.” Running his hand over the grass.

“Like I have to do with people?”

“Yes.” Rubbing his fingers over his palm as if the grass tickled him. “And then, you send them away.”

“How do I do that?” Shocked at the simplicity.

“You tell them. And if they don’t leave, you call me.”

Suspicious, “They’ll just leave when you arrive?”

“They will,” he said, confidently.

“You must be important.”

“I am.” Smiling over at me.

“What happens if they don’t leave?”

Smiling at the thought, “You’ll learn soon enough.” Patting my knee.

Not feeling his touch, I looked down at my hands.

“So, you want trees in the underworld. Trees like this.” Going from sitting to standing without movement. He surveyed the old trees scattered throughout the neighborhood park.

“I don’t think they’ll be exactly like this.” Did he really just ‘get up’ like that? Who can do that?  “But yeah, I think trees would be helpful for the spirits and demons passing through. I think it would make it less scary too.” Moving my legs to stand up.

“Don’t get up.” Putting his hand out to stop me, “It’ll look weird if you do.”

Realizing he was right, I settled back against the tree.

“I can’t create the trees with my imagination. I have to ask the Devil for them.”

“He prefers, ********”

“I have no idea of what you said.” Closing my eyes. “Should I be learning Greek Mythology?”

With his hands on his narrow hips, he looked up at the thick white clouds barely moving through the sky.

“Not yet,” he decided. Looking down at me.

“Won’t it help? I mean, if the Devil prefers to be called something else, shouldn’t I do that?” Feeling fingers of panic start squeezing my chest, “I don’t want to piss off the Devil.” Opening my eyes to stare at him.

“It’ll be good for him.” Smiling at the thought.

“Great. It’ll be good for him.” Feeling a stone of dread drop into my gut. “I’ve never had luck getting what I want when I piss someone off.”

“You have something you have to do before you can get to him, right?”

Nodding in agreement, “I have to talk to the spirits and demons flickering through the underworld without anyone’s help. You helped me see and talk with a demon, can you teach me how to do it?” Remembering my opportunity.

“That’s why I’m here.” Sitting back down next to me.

Is he nervous? “Is this my destiny?” Seeing if I could learn any more.


“Then why are you willing to help me?”

“I want to see where this goes.” Resting his forearms on bent knees. Sighing, “How do you think I helped you?”

Picking at the sparse grass in front of me, “You slowed everything slowed down.” Turning to him for a response. Asshole. “Don’t I get a step-by-step?” Hitting the ground where he was sitting a moment before.

Lecture + Exercise 5 is COMING SOON!

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