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Part 1: Post 4


As the weeks went by without trees in the underworld, I finally sat on the indescribable ground with my elbows on my knees and my chin in my hands. Ready to give up, I felt the feelings of failure come to the surface of my skin. Tired of fighting, I let my feelings flow out from my core. Soon, I saw a light flicker in front of me. Surprised, I sat up to look around. Seeing nothing more, I resigned back to resting my chin in my hands and letting my misery cover me like a weighted blanket.  

With a heavy sigh, I leaned back on the ground with my legs stretched out and my hands beneath my head. Watching Chaos swirl above me, What do I need to do? What am I missing? Nearly in tears, as I watched the silver sparkle above me, I waited for Chaos to answer.

As I waited, I let my emotions flow through me without restriction. Soon, I started to see the flickering lights and shadows above me. Quickly sitting up, I reached out and grabbed a light and immediately felt my arm go warm. Afraid I would lose it, I quickly asked, How do I get trees here? Feeling a hot poker go through my arm, I let go before I could get an answer.

CHAOS! Help me. Sobbing as I looked back up at him. What am I doing wrong? Feeling overwhelmed with emotion I watch as the lights and shadows flickered around me. Knowing what to expect, I reached out and grabbed a shadow. As the pins and needles traveled up my arm, I held tight.

“How do I get trees here?” Shaking the demon.

“The Devil,” choked out the demon.

Stunned by the demon’s answer, I let go. The Devil? I have to go to the Devil to get trees? Holding my head in my hands, That doesn’t make sense. Getting up from my spot, I begin pacing. Seeing a light flicker in front of me, I reach for it. Only to feel the heat of the spirit pass through me. Damn. Shaking the heat off my arm. Maybe I misheard the demon. I mean it is a demon. Demons lie, right?

“Do they?” Asked a voice so deep I felt it vibrating through my chest.

“Who are you?” Not seeing anyone around me, I immediately close my eyes, trying to feel who is with me. Not recognizing the thick feeling of warm honey spreading out from my chest, I opened my eyes. Not getting an answer, I felt his energy sticking to me and slowing the flickers down so I could see their shape and colors. This is so weird. Feeling suspended within my own body.

“Ask them now.” Feeling the voice come from within.

Reaching out my hand, a demon stops to stare at me, standing outside my reach.

“What do you want?” He asks while looking me up and down.

“I want — “ Losing my words as I looked into the complete blackness of his eyes. Pulling myself together, I started again. “I want trees in the underworld.” Squaring my shoulders without breaking eye contact.

Grinning without showing any teeth, he stepped closer. After what felt like hours but was probably only seconds, I began to feel ice chips pulling away from my chest. Looking down, I could see a stream of vile green being pulled from my chest and into his. Looking at him as the energy flowed between us, I watched the whites of his eyes emerge as he took more of my toxic emotions. Mesmerized and feeling light-headed, I waited to see what would happen next.

As the energy lightened to spring green, the demon stepped back, breaking the connection. Standing in front of me was a teenage boy, about my age of fourteen. The only difference between him and a human boy was his tail. A tail that dragged at least a foot behind him. Standing still, I begin to feel warm honey sliding over the raw places throughout my chest.  After a few breaths of staring at each other, I ask again: “How do I get trees here?”

Without blinking, “You have to talk to ******** “

“What? I didn’t understand the last word.” Leaning closer to him.

His eyes widened before he showed me his rotting teeth. “You have to talk to the Devil,” he said. Disappearing before I could react.


Thunder rattled my window-well as I paced the length of my bed, I have to find the Devil. Turning on my heel. Do I want to find the Devil? Do I even want to talk to him? Tapping my finger to my lips, supporting my elbow with my other hand. How bad do I want trees? Throwing my hands down, I watch the rain run down my window. Getting trees is my first test … I can’t give up now. Sighing as I sat on the edge of my bed, I watched the rain as my eyes began to blur. Putting the well where I first met Chaos in my mind’s eye, I waited for the rest of me to follow. After a few heartbeats, I heard the smooth baritone come through into my thoughts.

“You’re getting better at this,” remarked Chaos. Sitting on the edge of the well looking relaxed.

Walking to sit next to him, our eyes meet and the feeling of calmness spreads through me like a hug. Smiling as I sat down next to him, “Chaos, I have to — “ Bowing my head as the weight of what I was about to say took over the calmness I was feeling a moment before.

“Go on, Child,” he prodded. Turning his body to look at me.

“I have to find the Devil.” Knowing he could see the fear in my eyes.

“Is that what you want to do?”

“I think it’s my only option.”

“Why’s that?”

Trying to get my thoughts together, I look over his shoulder at the tree glowing in the close distance. Meeting his lavender eyes, I feel my heart pound in my chest as I say in a rush, “I caught a couple of demons who told me that I had to see the Devil if I wanted trees in the underworld.” Holding my breath for his reaction.

“You caught a couple of demons? How did that go?” He asked curiously.

“It freaked me out the first time.” Rubbing my hands over my thighs. “It felt like pins and needles going up my arm. Like when it falls asleep and it starts to wake up.” Surprised by his deep laugh, I stare at him.

“Child, I know nothing of your human conditions.” His jubilant smile making him seem younger than he did a moment before. “I’ll take your word on how catching a demon felt to you.”

My cheeks heating, I continued. “The spirit wouldn’t talk to me. And, it wasn’t until someone else came to me that I was able to see a demon as more than a shadow.”

“Who came to you?”

“I don’t know. I know that it was a he and he felt like warm honey spreading through me.”

“Warm honey?” Thinking for a moment, “That sounds like *****.” Turning to look at me.

“What? I didn’t catch the last word.”

“Ahh, you haven’t heard of him yet.” Patting my knee, before placing his finger to his lips. “You can think of him as Destiny.” He said after a couple of breaths.

“Destiny? Like the Destiny that is related to Fate? Or Fates, as I’m learning.”

“You’ve met more than one now? Ignoring my question about Destiny.

“I’ve met two of them but, … I don’t know much about them.” Shaking my head to pull my thoughts together. “One feels supportive and the other wants me to stop talking to you.”

Turning to look out into the open plain of the underworld, Chaos leans back, causing the glass to ripple along the edge. After what feels like minutes, he turns to me and says, “There are three Fates. You will learn their names later but for now, know that there are three. Each one different from the other but, each one is as important as the other. Got that?”  

“Yes.” Feeling like I was handed an important piece of the puzzle that I didn’t fully understand.

“Have you seen or spoken with the souls and spirits since your time with Destiny?”

Feeling my heart sink, “No.” Recognizing the feeling of disappointment, I waited for Chaos to say something.

“Once you can see and speak to the souls and spirits without Destiny, come back here and I will take you to the Devil.”

“But — “ Without thinking, “How will you know I’m telling the truth?”

“Have you ever lied to me?”

“No.” Trying to remember if I ever had. “No,” I said again. Meeting his eyes.

“I don’t believe you’ll start now.” Smiled Chaos. “Go.” Sweeping his open palm toward the open plain, “You have a lot of work to do.”

“Wait!” Grabbing his sleeve, “What’s that tree? The glowing one behind you.”

Nonplussed he turned toward the glowing tree that I swear glowed brighter when he did. Turning back to me with a sparkle in his eyes, “I’ll tell you the next time we meet.”   


Listen below for more about the Fates & Destiny and how you can start use the Collective Unconscious for your own journey into the soul.

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Greed & Generosity A Story & Guide into the Soul

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