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How to Live Through Your Darkness


When you’re coming out of an abusive relationship, it’s like the fog has been lifted and you’re not even sure who you are. Everything in your world has been twisted in such a way that you question if you’re hungry, tired, or sad. Feelings that you haven’t felt in a such a long time come rushing through you and it’s hard to decipher what is yours and what is left over from the abuse: “Am I really...

How to Break the Cycle of Abuse


I’m angry every day. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not angry or disgusted by someone or at some injustice happening in the world. Our world is in emotional peril. Positions of power are being held by people who believe power over is better than empowering. We routinely see and hear about people who practice power over people being rewarded with money and prestige. Practicing power over...

How Emotional Abuse Is Being Normalized


Power & Control Domestic violence or workplace violence denote the location of the abuse, but the emotional abuse and manipulation tactics are the same whether you’re at home or work, because human beings are domesticated animals who function within a set of societal and cultural norms and mores. The Power & Control Wheel identifies eight areas of how an abuser establishes control over a...

Power and the Dark Triad


“Never Outshine the Master,” the first law in Robert Greene’s, The 48 Laws of Power, is the law that is either lived by or violated based on who you are and what you believe. The Dark Triad believe they’re the master. Anything you do that is perceived as a threat by the Dark Triad is you waging a covert emotional war against them. You may not even know that you’re a threat, you’re just you...

How to Deal with Emotional Outbursts


When you can’t control your emotions, you try and control the other person’s behavior. You see this in all stages of development and in every generation. Think of a toddler throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the store or someone who yells or acts passive-aggressively. Each outburst is due to uncontrolled emotions; those outbursts are meant to control your behavior. Emotions are in direct...

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