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Is Yelling Abuse?


Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s abuse and what’s not abuse. Parents yelling at each other or yelling at the kids is common and in some families normal. Does yelling automatically constitute abuse? No, it’s not an automatic because people yell for a variety of reasons. You can yell to get someone’s attention, or because you’re frustrated at a circumstance and you’re releasing the energy caused...

How I’m Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Abuse


Your parents are the first people to teach you about emotions. They reflect back what you’re feeling and identify those feelings back to you. When you’re two years old, and you’re angry, your parent should state, “I see that you’re feeling angry.” They identify your feelings and respond appropriately. Of course, all this takes place in a parent who is emotionally healthy themselves.   In Running...

Learning and Living with Emotional Abuse


Emotional manipulation and abuse is the core of domestic, workplace, and school violence. Kids begin to learn how to manipulate emotions from their family, friends, teachers, and on television. Disney has a slew of shows where put-downs, insults, and selfishness are glamorized and humorous; which helps to normalize manipulative and abusive behaviors. Power Over When emotional and verbal abuse is...

How to Live Through Your Darkness


When you’re coming out of an abusive relationship, it’s like the fog has been lifted and you’re not even sure who you are. Everything in your world has been twisted in such a way that you question if you’re hungry, tired, or sad. Feelings that you haven’t felt in a such a long time come rushing through you and it’s hard to decipher what is yours and what is left over from the abuse: “Am I really...

How to Break the Cycle of Abuse


I’m angry every day. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not angry or disgusted by someone or at some injustice happening in the world. Our world is in emotional peril. Positions of power are being held by people who believe power over is better than empowering. We routinely see and hear about people who practice power over people being rewarded with money and prestige. Practicing power over...

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