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Part 1: Post 5


The air was so thick the leaves were fat with moisture creating deep shadows over the three-bedroom brick houses, lining the streets as I rode my bike to the library. That storm made everything worse. Coasting the last block to the library, I smiled at the flower pots and hanging baskets looking bright in the shadows. What did Destiny do to help me see and speak to that demon? I didn’t even touch...

Part 1: Post 4


As the weeks went by without trees in the underworld, I finally sat on the indescribable ground with my elbows on my knees and my chin in my hands. Ready to give up, I felt the feelings of failure come to the surface of my skin. Tired of fighting, I let my feelings flow out from my core. Soon, I saw a light flicker in front of me. Surprised, I sat up to look around. Seeing nothing more, I...

Part 1: Post 3


Months after Chaos came to my bedroom, I was sitting on my twin bed with my back against the wall and my knees holding the textbook open in front of me. Soon, the words blurred and I found myself back in the open plain of the underworld watching the shadows and lights flicker around me. How do I get trees? Chuckling without humor, My therapist thinks these are my thoughts. Looking up at Chaos...

Part 1: Post 2


As the months passed, weird things started to happen whenever I was upset. Mostly, I thought I was having conversations with myself until the thoughts began giving themselves names and my step-mother would ask me about them in between insults at the dinner table. Freaked out by my own mind and having to deal with my step-mother, my dad put me into therapy. My first therapist taught me how to...

Part 1: Post 1


Crying before I reached my bedroom, I slammed the door and collapsed next to my bed, sobbing in my arms. What have I gotten myself into? My thirteen-year-old self wonders as I hear the words of my step-mother re-playing through my mind. Clutching my anguish to my chest, I feel a wave a calmness wash over me. Lifting my head I watch my coral bedroom walls become a vast landscape showered in...

Greed & Generosity A Story & Guide into the Soul

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