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The stories of the myths seem to have died when monotheism took over as the accepted belief system. We know that polytheism never died. Because Hinduism is polytheistic. Even if you believe in one God or many Gods, their stories and personal development end with the texts written about them centuries ago. Texts that were written by the soul and translated by the ego thereby, changing their stories and losing their meaning.

I don’t believe the Gods have stopped growing. I believe humanity stopped listening to their soul and hearing the stories of the lives living in the spiritual realm.

The myths are not dead nor did they stop expanding their personal being as humanity moved from their soul and into their ego.

And frankly, the myths of the underworld are pissed and fed up with being the scapegoats of all that ails humanity.

I know this because twenty-seven years ago my imagination took me to the underworld and face-to-face with a myth named Chaos. Since that initial meeting, I have met many myths, spirits, angels, and demons.

I have battled many and have become friends with a few.

I am the only person I know who has explored the Caves below Tartarus; climbed to the heavens; and created a forest in the underworld. I have seen the Garden of Souls and have sat for many hours watching the Tree of Life and learning from the nymphs who protect and nourish the Tree of Knowledge.

Twenty-seven years ago I became an opportunity to bring order back to the underworld. I accepted with the added intention of wanting to help people learn their emotions. Because at that time, I was fed-up with having to deal with and be responsible for other people’s emotions. However, I’m still fed up with being made to feel responsible for other people’s feelings.

Greed & Generosity is first a story of my journey beginning when I was 13 years old. Second, the Lectures + Exercises guide you into your soul by teaching you emotions, skills, and concepts that with practice, will become essential tools on your journey.

When you know your soul, you

  • Live your life’s purpose.
  • Fulfill your destiny.
  • Heal your traumas.
  • Increase personal growth.
  • Strengthen relationships.
  • Improve your overall health.

As humanity journeyed farther from their soul and into the light of God, a new God was born: Economix.

Economix is a soulless god who mimics their father’s light, keeping humanity trapped in their ego.

Greed & Generosity is not a journey for the weak-minded or the off-centered. It is a journey for people who want depth and well-being in their lives. Greed & Generosity is for people who see the emotional disconnect throughout humanity and wish to become deeply connected with themselves and The All of life.

The journey into and out of the soul starts off slow and can be terrifying. That’s why I’m here. That is why I am writing about the myths and sharing my story. You shouldn’t be terrified to learn your soul and I want to make sure that you’re not.

I believe we each owe it to ourselves to know our soul. Our soul is the part of us that has lived before and will most likely live again.  Most personal development focuses on your ego and teaching you how to get ahead. I focus on your soul and your connection with yourself, your life, humanity, and the universe.  

There isn’t a degree out there that would have taught me what I know about the spiritual realm and the collective unconscious which, is another reason why I am sharing my story. You deserve to know where I’m coming from when I give an opinion or suggestion. Because I do not formally study mythology or theology, I study psychology and follow my intuition.

You deserve to know all of who you are and I want to help you do that.

As a person, I have spent my life caring and learning about people. I earned my B.S. and M.A. in psychology but trained and worked as a paralegal while on active duty in the U.S. Navy.

I regularly Jazzercise and spend time with friends. I spent over a year volunteering as a Crisis & Suicide Interventionalist. And, I’m also my daughter’s favorite person ❤️️

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Greed & Generosity A Story & Guide into the Soul

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